Project goal’s relationship to overall Bible Society strategy

CBS’s main aim is to spread the word of God among all Christians so that all Christians may Come to fully know Christ. This project will help Christians suffering from trauma learn more scripture through the lessons taught which will give words of Hope and comfort.

We are aware of the fact that many Children, Teens and Adults are affected in numerous traumatic ways. They are desperately in need of proper guidance and counselling to overcome their stress or worries which ruins their lives. Hence, Ceylon Bible Society has initiated to introduce a programme “Healing the Wounds of Trauma” aiming at such affected ones.


Project Goal / Objective

The main objective of this program is to help and assist the Church to be a place of healing and restoration for the affected individuals and communities. This project focuses on Scripture-based trauma healing programs to help persons (Adults, Children & Youth) traumatized by physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, psychological abuse, self-abuse and domestic violence) to recover physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

This Project also specially focuses on Healing from the Distress caused by Covid -19 Global pandemic which has disrupted life around the World. We also experience the same situation in Sri Lanka and people are going through a very anxious time like many other countries in the world due to Covid 19 (Corona) virus. We at the Ceylon Bible Society are specially upholding the world in our prayers at this difficult time.


Strategic Fit

The Ceylon Bible Society along with the Catholic Churches and Churches of other Denominations together are currently organizing programmes to heal the broken hearts and the wounded people in the society. We do have a good relationship with the Churches, specially the Catholic Church, in implementing this program among the Christian community in a successful way with the guidance & the leadership of the certified Master facilitators in HWOT in Sri Lanka. Mainline Churches are also contributing to this ministry by organizing programmes for the needy people.


Connecting your project to your Bible Society’s overall mission strategy

Project related to the Philadelphia Promise

  1. It focuses on the Church and People as a whole.
  2. It helps to strengthen Church Relations among Trauma victims and the church
  3. It develops people to become leaders in the church in their own way
  4. It draws the Traumatised victims closer to God and the Bible and makes them read the word of God more and more

The Vision of the Ceylon Bible Society is all about effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures and of helping people to interact with the Word of God, and also, the overall Mission reveals that to collectively mobilize the total available resources of the Christian Community in striving to the utmost to meet all the Scripture needs for the entire population of Sri Lanka in a meaningful and effective manner.

About the beneficiaries

Beneficiary focus

Project Output


Revisiting the Children’s & Teen homes – St. Vincent’s Technical School, Maggona

The Ceylon Bible Society organized Re-visitation programme with the participation of  Master facilitators and Training facilitators of Children and Teen on 11th July 2020 at the St. Vincent’s Technical School, Maggona. Initial Survey was conducted for the Children & Teen those who attended in last year Teen and Children’s camps. We are very much thankful to Mr. Mat K and Mr. Mat G for sending us very important survey questions to be used for the participants as well as for the facilitators in HWOT in Sri Lanka.

Re-Visitation to the St. Joseph’s Children’s home, Nainamadama


Testimonies from the Beneficiaries

Expected Children homes to be visited are :

Healing the Wounds of Trauma Initial Equipping Programme for Adults.

“How the Church Can help”

“ Now I know how to deal with our inner trauma and how to help others” This was a statement made by a participant who attended the programme.
A certificate awarding ceremony for the church members of St Paul’s Church, Liyanwala, Padukka was held on the 3rd of August 2020 with the participation of the General Secretary of the Ceylon Bible Society.
The above programme was held from 01st – 03rd August 2020 facilitated by Mrs. Pathmaseeli Gunatilaka Master Facilitator in training HWOT Adult, Mr. Roshan Fernando Master Facilitator Training and Rev. Fr. P. Claude N. Nonis Director- Archdiocesan Family Apostolate and Master Facilitator. During the closing ceremony all the participants shared their experiences & personal testimonies on how this programme had helped them a lot and the internal changes they are having. Now these parishioners are well equipped and ready to heal the traumatized people in their respective Churches and help anyone who are traumatized.

Project Impact
Testimonies (Audio Visual)
Project #101241: Healing the Wounds of Trauma

“ I used to criticize people who are weaker than me and hurt and traumatize them”. –
My name is Senura Devdunu. I participated in the Healing the wounds of teen’s trauma program conducted last year in 2019 by the Ceylon Bible Society at St. Vincent’s Technical School, Maggona. Though I knew something about Jesus before this program I didn’t care much. After attending the program, I came to know about Jesus and that changed my life. I was addicted to bad habits. I used to criticize people who are weaker than me and hurt and traumatize them. That was my nature and behaviour. After getting to know about Jesus through this program I came to know, in this journey we have to heal someone’s heart rather than breaking and hurting. I came to know who is “God” & who Jesus is through this program. Finally, I got a great relief out of this. I came to know who Jesus Christ is. When I couldn’t understand anything my Mentors, teachers and fathers helped me to learn and understand the teachings of Jesus Christ. From that moment my life was changed, only then I knew what was correct. So, I ask you to follow this program with the Ceylon Bible Society. Thank you

“Jesus loves me “ – Healing the wounds of Teen’s trauma programme made a big change in my life
Testimony of Mast Lawrence On Youtube –

My name is Shenal Lawrence. I participated in this Teen Trauma Healing program which was organized by the Ceylon Bible Society in year 2019 at St. Vincent’s Technical School. This program made a big change in my life and I became a new person. I used to fight with all the Children and hurt them. I wasn’t staying in unity with anyone. I loved hurting other children.
In this teen trauma healing program, I was taught good manners. I also learnt what is good and bad through this programme. Specially I got to know the love of God through this teen trauma healing programme. My ambition is to become a bank manager and to have a good family. Through this programme organized by the Ceylon Bible Society I learnt many new things on how to be good citizens of this country. Now I am living happily.

Another Boy Named Mast. Duminda is sharing his experiences after attending the Children’s TH Program

Storytelling on Solomon – “The Word of God had helped them a lot”
By Rev. Sr. Charlet Paranawithana in- charge of St. Joseph Vaz Children’s home, Nainamadama
Video Testimony on youtube –

“The Word of God had helped them a lot” – Personal Testimony by Sr. Charlet Paranawitharana

I am Sister Charlet Paranawitharana who has been in-charge of the St. Joseph Vass Children Home at Nainamadama, Chilaw since January 2019. There are about 30 Children in this Home. I am a person who is very keen to work among children right throughout my ministerial career. Also, I have taught in many Schools and was in-charge of several Boarding Houses. I feel that all the children are the same in spite of their unique differences in nature. I had the opportunity to serve in a prestigious School like the Royal College in Colombo for nearly two years. Also, I was serving among the most deserved pack of children at St. Sebastian School, Chilaw. These children basically represented the coastal line in and around Chilaw. I was working in that School for nearly 6 years. Although children from rich or poor families, I consider that they possess more similarities with one another in nature and behaviour. Showing kindness, love and sharing with each other.

Subsequently, I was asked to serve in the same Children Home after one year later. I observed that the children were a bit arrogant and exhibited some ruthless and peculiar behaviour in them. I understood that it was a difficult Apostolic ministry once again to serve among these children. I was not able to understand them easily. I was thinking and praying constantly about how I could help these children, and how I am going to manage these children. I felt this was a big challenge for me. At that time, I was able to recall my memory about the Teen Trauma Healing program conducted by the Ceylon Bible Society. Apparently, I was able to participate in one of their Healing the Wounds of Trauma Programs. I was thinking this would be an ideal program for these children to get some help in recovering from their traumatized feelings and tensions which were troubling their hearts.
While in conversation with Rev. Priyantha Wijegoonawardena, he agreed to organize a Teen Trauma program for my Children. They initially organized a 3 days’ workshop for these children during last May 2019. Fr. Lester Wijesooriya and Rev. Priyantha Wijegoonawardena along with some trained Teen facilitators accompanied them to conduct this program.

They conducted three meaningful days of session in dividing into groups, and I also observed that the children were very happy and exhilarated in participating in these workshops. They built up good rapport with the animators in building trust with one another.
Eventually, I observed that these children were sharing their inner emotions and feelings, worries and grievances, tensions and troubles with the facilitators. I felt that some changes started to reflect from their lives. I felt that they started to show sincere love after Jesus. I also noticed that some positive changes had begun to reflect in their attitudes and behaviour. God has changed them from their broken heart wounds. I observed that they started to read and meditate upon the Word of God in their daily devotions. They began to realize the true love of Jesus from their lives.
Relationships between one another and between me and my staff have become extraordinarily revolutionized. Presently, they have become a batch of lovable children in every sphere of their attitude and behaviour. I know that these children will be a lot of exemplary individuals in the society living a pleasing life after God and fellow human beings. I wish them good luck in all their future endeavors.

Finally, I thank God and Rev. Priyantha Wijegoonawardena and for all the facilitators in making this workshop a successful one. It was a blessing for all in molding and shaping the lives of these children. I wish and hope that the Ceylon Bible Society will be a source of blessing to many such traumatized children scattered around the country. May God bless your ministry.


Children’s testimonies after attending to the Children’ TH Initial Equipping Program

Ms. M Meeriyam Nileeka Fernando, School teacher shares her experience about the HWOT Children’s program.

Rev. Fr. Claude N. Nonis – Master Facilitator in HWOT Children & Classic shares his experiences. –

By Rev. Sis Sirima Opanayake, Principal, Bolawalana Ave Maria Convent, Negombo, Sri Lanka.

“I am afraid to go to church and School again will bombs explode again. I can’t sleep properly when I close my eyes I remember what happened during Easter Sunday terrorist attack”
A little girl was refusing to go to her school. Then her parents took her and brought to meet the Principal of Ave Maria Convent Rev.Sis.Sirima . Then the principal spoke to her and asked her to draw any picture what she likes. The Principal was surprised to see this little girl had drawn a strange picture. The little girl told her” this is what I saw when the bomb exploded. I saw people on the floor with blood and parts of the body scattered I was scared. The first person I saw alive was my grandfather. I ran and hugged him, he was my guardian. I can’t forget this”.
The above story was told by – Rev. Sis Sirima Opanayake, Principal, Bolawalana Ave Maria Convent, previously known as Ave Maria Convent Branch School, Negombo, Sri Lanka.

Healing the Wounds of Teen Trauma – Teens’ Camp – 2019
Healing the wounds of Teen Trauma Teens’ Camp organized by the Ceylon Bible Society. from 29th August – 05th September 2019 at St. Vincent Technical School, Maggona.
Comments from the Facilitators –

Life Hurts. Love Heals. Finding hope together.
Feedback from the Teen facilitators regarding the Teen progammes organized by the Ceylon Bible Society.

Recorded testimonies from teen or children’s facilitators about the lives of children or teens being impacted by the program

The Ceylon Bible Society produced two video tele dramas/ documentary on the topic of Healing the Wounds of Trauma.